1. Do you use the multi-factor login (authentication)?

Use the multi-factor authentication (MFA): https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

2. Are your passwords to services or assets less than 12 characters long?

Create your passwords according to good practices: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

3. Do you use more than one password in your work?

Don't use the same password in more than one service; use a password manager: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/
Don't use the same password in more than one site; use a password manager: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

4. Are you aware how your password should be protected?

Never tell anyone your password; Keep your password secure: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

5. Do you use mobile devices in your work?

5.1 Are you aware of the company's policy on safe use of mobile devices?

Use only devices approved by company policy for remote work: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

5.2 Do you connect to a network when working remotely?

Take care to secure your home network; Use a VPN when connecting remotely; Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks on the same device where you store company data; Turn off automatic connection to public Wi-Fi networks; Do not connect to unknown and untrusted Wi-Fi networks; Turn off Wi-Fi if you go outside the area with a known Wi-Fi network; Pay attention to the Wi-Fi network you are connected to; Take care to secure your home Wi-Fi network: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

5.3 Do you use devices other than those specified in company policy?

Use only devices approved by company policy to work remotely; Avoid using unfamiliar devices for any activity involving company data: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

5.4 Does anyone other than yourself use this device?

Create a separate account on your device: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

5.5 Do you carry mobile devices that you use for work?

Don't leave your device unattended in public places: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

5.6 Do you sometimes work in public places?

When working in a public place pay attention to your surroundings: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

6. Have you ever connected any external data carrier in your work?

Never connect unknown or untrusted data carriers/devices: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

7. Do you sometimes install various software while using a business computer?

Do not run or install unknown or untrusted programs: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

8. Do you lock your device when you are not using it?

Always lock your device when you are not using it: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

9. Do you check if visited sites use the <a href='httpS? protocol, when you surf the Internet?

Verify if visited sites use a secure connection; Verify the details of website certificates: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

10. Do you check the correctness of the entered address, when you surf the Internet?

Verify the correctness of website addresses: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

11. Does your browser block pop-up windows?

12. Do you allow various Internet services to remember your login and password for your convenonce?

If your browser remembers your login details, enable additional protection with a master password: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

13. Have you installed any add-ons for your browser?

14. Do you ever send an unfinished work to your private account or copy company data onto data carriers to complete the task at home?

Do not copy data onto unsecured media, or send it to your private account: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

15. You have received an email message and a suspicious attachment. Would you open this message to verify if the attachment is secure?

Do not open attachments from insecure sources: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

16. You have received an email message from your boss or colleague. The message included orders regarding e.g. the company funds. Would you follow the instructions in the message without hesitation?

Verify suspicious messages even if they come from known addresses: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

17. Do you open links send in the email messages?

Do not click on the links sent in the messages: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

18. Do you use the encryption function while sending important messages?

Take care to encrypt your messages and attachments: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

19. Do you digitally sign your email messages and verify the sender of the message?

Verify the sender of your messages and digitally sign your emails: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

20. Does your email server allow only authorized users to sending messages?

Make sure your server is not open-relay: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/

21. Do you know what BCC means?

Verify that you don't share email addresses of recipients when sending a message to multiple people: https://standard-cyber.ppbw.pl/en/for-employees/